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Our video production team is a confident collective with backgrounds in news and entertainment coverage and corporate work, they have the creativity and production capabilities to meet any visual style, philosophy or brand guidelines and all within the deadlines required. The crews we work with have produced prolific music videos, commercials, television and brand films, along with event coverage for our diverse roster of clients across fashion, luxury, entertainment and corporate.

We cover events, editing in real time, enabling us to turn around B-roll and a sizzle within 2 – 6 hours of the event finishing garnering maximum exposure, whether for broadcasters or interacting with the social network communities. Coupled with Getty Images unique global distribution reach and reporting capabilities we can provide a full and bespoke production service.


The party never ends when spectacular entertainment events continue around the world. Launches, premieres, runways and festivals – we cover them all 24/7. Our photographers and videographers are among the most talented and experienced in the business.

Tell us which celebrities you are dressing at a show. We can deliver perfect shots of them wearing your brand, all within moments. Gain significant worldwide publicity through captioning that highlights your product in the image.

We can help you access images from some of the biggest events and premieres around the globe.

Key Benefits
  • Coverage from every angle of events across the globe
  • Imagery delivered in real-time via Getty Images and WireImage websites
  • Over 85,000 media contacts in over 70 countries
  • Post-production, video editing and multi-media services
  • Access to millions of editorial, creative and archive images

When you need specific coverage for your brand, we can assemble a team of award-winning assignment photographers and videographers that delivers. Bespoke means you get the exact images you want. Delivered within moments to the places you need them – anywhere in the world.

From planning to onsite requirements to postproduction, we can ensure you get the coverage you need. Invite us to your launch and we will capture editorial quality shots of your celebrity guests with your product.

Bespoke images from our editorial and assignment photographers make your brand the star of the show.

Key Benefits
  • Access to world-renowned photographers or videographers
  • General event coverage and assignments
  • High end photoshoots – on location, behind the scenes, on set or at home
  • Existing relationships with events around the world giving us ‘All access (official partner status)’
  • Distribution speed – live delivery to market
  • Existing global distribution channels
  • Latest technology – timelapse, 360 panoramic and 3D content

Incredible event moments need to be seen by the global media as soon as possible. Our global distribution platforms help you make the most of your sponsorship.

Images are uploaded in an instant, even before your party has finished. As soon as they hit the Getty Images and WireImage websites they’re out there.

Need more media? Our Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and publicity services provides live global feeds to push material out to over 92,000 media contacts worldwide in an instant.

Our Media Manager service corrals your content into one central platform to distribute rich, deep content direct to your media contacts, wherever they are.

Key Benefits
  • Branded splash pages on WireImage for prominent exposure
  • Electronic Press Kits sent to up to 92,000 global media contacts, in 17 different languages
  • PR materials and imagery accessible in the one place via and Media Manager services
  • Video content packaging with highlights, daily newscasts and B-Roll packages

Event coverage and global distribution are just the start of what we can do for you. We offer total packages from start to finish of a project – or anything in between. And that’s where our creative support comes in.

Need a soundtrack that brings out the glamour and buzz of your party video? Done. Need iconic imagery from our extensive archive to show the incredible history of your event? Done. We have all the content you need to make your event shine. That’s the power of partnership with us.

Key Benefits
  • Getty Images Gallery – central London gallery space available to hire
  • Music – original tracks, global artists and streamlined licensing
  • Video – from classic archival clips to the latest event coverage and candids
  • Archive – the world’s largest archive, the most iconic imagery and photographer collections
  • Rights and Clearance – use our expertise to help secure that must-have image
  • Creative stills – choose from millions of scene images, crowd shots and more from our collections
  • Production services – post-production and editing, sorted